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Brooke Porter, DDS, Cappy Snider, RDH

"The Sterisil Straw from Sterisil was our choice for DUWL disinfection simply because of the ease of maintenance. After analyzing the labor cost and time involved with other systems on the market, we decided that the Sterisil Straw made the most sense for our office.

Once the initial installation is completed, an automatic shipment of new Sterisil Straw™ is delivered to our office when it is time to change them! There's nothing more convenient than that. DUWL is a very important area to address in a comprehensive program of office asepsis. Sterisil has the solution for busy and conscientious offices."


Louis Liley Jr, DMD

"Eighteen months ago I had my water lines tested for microbial contaminates. The results were shocking despite the journal reports anticipating the contamination to be expected.

I agreed to try Sterisil’s systems for decontamination. The initial two or three weeks the microbial load remained high but decreased significantly. But after the initial load was removed from the water lines the water in each of my three operatories tested near sterile. Repeated testing has confirmed this very positive scenario.

The Sterisil tubes are simple and nearly maintenance free. It is very reassuring to know the water I use in patient treatment is clean."

Rick J. Nichols, DDS

"For the past seven years, since our delivery systems were brand new, we had been filling the self-contained water systems with distilled water only. We had also been following, and in our opinion exceeding the ADA's recommendations for water line disinfection protocols, using one of the top products available. When we had our water lines tested, to our amazement, all of them failed miserably. We were shocked and disappointed.

After only one treatment with the Sterisil "Sterisil Straw", the lines were tested again, and only trace amounts of contaminants could be found. My staff really appreciates the fact that all they have to do is install the tubes once every three months and forget about them, and I find comfort in knowing that our water lines are clean and our patients are being protected."