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Sterisil Int'l Headquarters, St. Croix

Welcome to the Sterisil Experience in Paradise!

Sterisil is enthusiastic about our international headquarters on the beautiful US Virgin Island of St. Croix, and we’re eager to introduce you to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We believe you will find it engaging and educational!

Please read this each section of information. Complete, hand sign, and return all required forms found at the links below. Send completed forms to Kim Bentz

IMPORTANT: Lodging cannot be arranged until we receive all documents!

Explore the Island of St. Croix

We invite you to explore the island of St. Croix—and we’ve incorporate leisure time in your trip agenda to do it!

Though hurricane Maria in 2017 caused widespread devastation, the island of St. Croix continues to rebuild and there’s no shortage of activities and adventures!

Click the map below for details about the island and its Top 100 Things to Do list!

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Please complete and sign the following required forms (3) at the links below and submit to

Travel arrangements will not be made until we receive all forms. 

Liability Waiver

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Personal/Travel Information

Sterisil Int'l Headquarters-Strand Street

Sterisil Int'l Headquarters-Strand Street


Take a closer look at Sterisil’s market share, growth pattern, and future market goals. 

Spend uninterrupted time with Sterisil executives to delve into the specific needs of your clients and how to further develop a synergistic relationship between our two companies.

Explore future projects for R&D.

Sterisil Int'l Headquarters-The Pier

King's Ocean-Ocean View

King's Ocean-Ocean View


If you have questions that are not answered in the FAQ, please contact your Sterisil primary contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

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