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Simple solutions to complex waterline problems...  That's the Sterisil advantage


The Bacteria Problem

Untreated water often exceeds a million of bacteria colonies!

Sterisil Solution

The entire Sterisil product line has an EPA claim of <10 CFU/ml bacteria reduction.

Complete Compliance

The results are clean, safe water that meets ADA, CDC & EPA water quality guidelines. 


The problem is difficult to see


Biofilm is made up of odor causing bacteria colonies that adhere to the internal plumbing walls in dental chairs. If not properly treated, all waterlines and valves become coated with this bacteria that grows exponentially at room temperature and contaminates the water. The result is unpleasant odors and unsafe water.

Are you in compliance with the ADA, CDC and EPA guideline?

<500 CFU/ml

biofilm size LP.png

How Sterisil products work



The entire Sterisil product line is engineered to fight against bacteria and provide safe and clean water for your patients, staff and dental units.  Sterisil recognizes the differences in each dental practice and provides custom solutions to ensure you receive the right product for your office.   


Each product is outfitted with an EPA registered shock treatment and daily maintenance for optimum control of bacteria.  The EPA registered silver disinfectant is non-toxic, non-corrosive and has a bacteria reduction claim of <10 CFU/ml, that's 50x lower than the EPA guideline!