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The solution to your bacteria problems!

Untreated water often exceeds one million CFU/ml bacteria contamination, potentially placing clinicians and patients in harm’s way, as well as creating a looming threat of liability for the practice. Sterisil’s dental waterline products are EPA registered to exceed the CDC and ADA limit (500 CFU/ml) by 50 times, providing safe dental water for patients, staff and the environment!


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The problem is hard to see

Biofilm is made up of odor causing bacteria colonies that adhere to the internal plumbing walls in dental chairs. If not properly treated, all waterlines and valves become coated with this bacteria that grows exponentially at room temperature and contaminates the water. The result is unpleasant odors and unsafe water.

Are you in compliance with the ADA, CDC and EPA guideline?

<500 CFU/ml 

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The ONLY All-in-One Tablet

Citrisil tablets continuously disinfect and maintain dental waterlines effluent <10 CFU/ml.  

Simply start with one Citrisil Shock tablet and follow with one Citrisil tablet per refill of each self-contained water bottle. Using distilled or purified tap water, the tablet effervesces and provides a safe, PH balanced treatment.

Visual Compliance

Citrisil Blue tints the water blue to ensure a tablet has been dropped and your waterlines stay in compliance.  Don't worry, the blue does not stain and provides the same disinfection quality as Citrisil White.

Available in 1 and 2 liter options

Citrisil Shock tints the water orange and is designed to kill odor causing bacteria, giving your waterlines added protection against bacteria.  The Shock is non-toxic and non-corrosive and safe for patients, staff and equipment. 





The Sterisil Straw eliminates the hassle of dropping tablets and provides waterline disinfection for 365 days!