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Citrisil is the only all-in-one shock and daily maintenance dental water line tablet with a quantified EPA claim. Citrisil tablets continuously disinfect and maintain dental water lines. Simply start with one Citrisil Shock tablet and follow with one Citrisil tablet per refill of each self-contained water bottle.   

Citrisil Blue provides the same cleaning experience as Citrisil (white) but produces a light blue tint for visual compliance.

Eliminate the daily chore of emptying bottles and purging lines.

Using distilled or purified tap water, the tablet effervesces and provides a safe, pH balanced treatment. EPA registered to produce less than or equal to 10 CFU per ml HPC purity.

Citrisil Shock Treatment

Citrisil Shock Treatment

The good news

The Citrisil tablet, along with the rest of the Sterisil product line, is the ONLY dental waterline treatment product to provide an included shock treatment while also keeping bacteria reduction to <10 CFU/ml HPC bacteria.  You can rest assured you will be meeting AND exceeding the EPA, ADA and CDC <500 CFU/ml guideline of bacteria reduction in dental unit waterlines. 




  • Available for .70 to 1 liter bottles & 2 liter bottles
  • Eliminates the need to empty bottles and purge lines at the end of each day
  • Citrisil Shock included with all Citrisil and Citrisil Blue daily maintenance boxes
  • Safe for patients and clinicians
  • Will not harm dental equipment
  • Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
  • Maintains BioFree tubing
  • Contains no oxidizers and does not dissolve amalgam
  • Contains no iodine or chlorine
  • Citrisil Blue produces a light blue tint for visual confirmation of compliance




The Bacteria Problem

How "clean" is the water in your dental unit waterlines?

The truth is dental waterlines, due to the nature of their construction, can harbor tons of microorganisms and bacteria that you would not want in your drinking water let alone your dentist’s chair.  According to the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention (OSAP), colony forming units (CFU) of bacteria can reach greater than 1,000,000 CFU/mL within a few days in dental unit waterlines (DUWL) and, believe me, when that happens, do you really want your to be spraying that water into your patient's mouth?

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