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Cartridge Calculator

When selecting which size cartridge will best suit your office, it is necessary to test water hardness in your office. The hardness of your water will determine the life time of the Sterisil Cartridge.

After testing your office's water, enter the result into the indicated box below. The chart will indicate Sterisil's recommendation* for the most cost effective solution for your office.

*Recommended part number is based solely on lowest annual replacement cost per chair according to water TDS. Please check available space in cabinet or junction box to be sure recommended cartridge can be installed.
*The Sterisil Valved Cartridges require the Valved Cartridge Setup Kit (CV-SK) to be installed prior to installation.
*The Sterisil Inline Cartridges require the Inline Quick Connect Kit (CI-QK) to be installed prior to installation. 
*These estimated life times are based on Sterisil's findings that a dental clinic will use, on average, approximately 200 to 240 liters of dental water per chair, per year.