Dental Waterline Treatment: It Doesn't Get Any Easier

  • EPA registered to produce less than or equal to 10 CFU per ml HPC Purity
  • Treated water is 50 times lower than ADA, CDC and EPA limits
  • Only products to include automatic shock treatment upon initial use for optimum control of bacteria
  • Does not contain iodine or chlorine shown by studies to increase mercury discharge
  • Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
  • Won’t harm dental equipment
  • No odor or taste
  • Maintains BioFree® Tubing
  • Contains no oxidizers and does not dissolve amalgam
  • Safe for patients and clinicians
  • Long lasting up to 2 weeks during periods of non-use




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    Eighteen months ago I had my water lines tested for microbial contaminates. The results were shocking despite the journal reports anticipating the contamination to be expected. I agreed to try Sterisil’s systems for decontamination. The initial two or three weeks the microbial load remained high but decreased significantly. But after the initial load was removed from the water lines the water in each of my three operatories tested near sterile. Repeated testing has confirmed this very positive scenario. The Sterisil tubes are simple and nearly maintenance free. It is very reassuring to know the water I use in patient treatment is clean.

    Louis Liley Jr, DMD

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